Meditation instruction is available for individuals and groups and I'm currently accepting new business. Inquire through the contact page.

A meditation practice will help you reduce stress and anxiety, enhance stillness of mind, deepen awareness, improve memory and concentration and recover from any trauma. Each sit is unique and styles vary dependent on the client. Some of the meditation techniques I use are mindfulness, stillness, mantra, visualization, movement and sound. Asana and pranayama (movement and breath work) are common in any meditation and I like to incorporate those into each sit.

Formal studies and immersion programs have taken place in New York City, Thailand, Costa Rica and Bali. Some of my favorite teachers are Elena Brower, Ambra Vallo, Vari Morles, Sri Dharma Mittra and Thom Knoles. 

I found yoga when I was 14 years old and I have practiced ever since. Over time, I realized my favorite part of any yoga class was the mindful connection I made with myself, not the postures. This is what propelled me to examine mindfulness more seriously. Fast forward to 2015 where I took my meditation practice one step further and completed a full Vedic meditation training in NYC with Thom Knoles. This knowledge coupled with past teachings from a myriad of teachers have prepared me for this moment with you. The benefits of a meditation practice are astounding. If you don't meditate already, you should start, you should start right now. A consistent meditation practice has changed my life and it will change yours, too.

Sat nam.

Meditation is a journey of learning how to trust. To hold a spirit of adventure and to locate abundance in your experience and create harmony in your life. Your practice will show you how to effortlessly allow things to be as they are and love what is, even as you create more.
— Elena Brower