Reviews by former and existing clients:

Skylar Stetten was super nice, always enthusiastic, youthful, welcoming, inspiring, and respectful. She was someone that we could feel comfortable talking to about anything and also someone we could trust. She was also really fun to be around and made us all feel included.
— Isabelle C. on July 27, 2016
Skylar is fantastic to work with and has exceeded our expectations. She is professional, on-time to events, extremely friendly and personable (she always has a smile on her face!) and is unobtrusive in photographing during the event. If she requests to shoot a photo/person, again, she is professional and friendly and we’ve found that guests warm to her smile and welcome the shot.

Communicating with Skylar via email, both prior to and after the event, is also professional and cordial. She responds to emails within 24 hours (mostly sooner) and provides images after the event in a timely manner (for us it’s within the week, which is what we request). Her shots are gorgeous and we would be thrilled to hire her for every event.
— Andrea P. on April 29, 2016
Skylar is a kind-hearted, wonderful teacher with a pure, optimistic spirit. Her genuine enthusiasm for wellness and the good life creates positive energy wherever she goes. Skylar’s intuitive nature is to be accepting, friendly and warm, always with a smile. Beyond all this, her artistic talents for photography are remarkable and she undoubtedly has an eye for capturing meaningful, emotive images. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, photographer or leader in anything she pursues.
— Tracey G. on February 14, 2016
Skylar was wonderful! Our newborn and family pictures were everything I wanted and more (even our pup was posing for Skylar). She came to our home and made us feel relaxed and each photo reflects our family. She captured ever moment perfectly!
— Shelby H. on March 21, 2016
I was able to work with Skylar over a month long period where we would meet and practice various forms of meditation and other associated techniques. Skylar was extremely well-prepared for each of our sessions and was very accommodating in scheduling times that were most convenient for me. Skylar would prepare for our session creating a comfortable place for me to begin the practice; lighting candles, setting up our seating in such a way, and explaining the purpose so that I could learn about the process not just do the process.

During our first sit, the setting consisted of glaring sounds from the ambulances and other emergency vehicles on the street. On most occasions, I tune this out with other sounds I create; playing music, television, etc. Skylar simply embraced the whole environment and said to me that these sounds are ok and will not distract us; that “everything is perfect.” This concept of hers allowed me to move passed the sounds of New York City, the conscious fears in my mind, and get into the meditation. I had no control over them so why would I let them interfere?

I became interested in meditation as it is a suggested part of my life in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. I have attended classes from other meditation organizations, including TM, but never felt comfortable enough to make the full commitment. A friend of mine suggested I use the website, Thumbtack, to browse potential mediation teachers, which is where I met Skylar. We corresponded over several emails so we were able to know one another and determine if this was the right fit. We then had an in-person introduction to discuss the process in greater detail. Immediately, I felt very relaxed and safe speaking with Skylar and sharing my personal background, which is not something I normally do! My sobriety is extremely important to me and I do not see the need to disclose this information to anyone unless I can be of service to another. With Skylar, she was caring and sensitive to my situation and understood what I hoped to achieved with the practice of meditation in my life. The trust I felt with Skylar allowed me to be honest and willing, which allowed us to get right into the work and helped me learn a tremendous amount about the importance of meditation and alternative techniques to determine the most effective practice for me. Most importantly, I was able to learn more about my spiritual self and identified its benefits after each meditation session we had together

I have continued to practice meditation nearly every day since Skylar and I first began working together. She has gone out of her way to follow up with me on a consistent basis to check on my progress with meditation and in life overall. Since my mediation practice has begun, I have made changes in my life including the decision to leave my job and form my own business. The meditation played a major contributor to finally make this decision. I was able to sit and listen to my thoughts, scan my motives and dreams in life, and feel confident enough that things will be OK for me along this new journey in my life. I had been waiting for everything to line up in such a way before I would make such a move. After meeting with Skylar, I have learned and grown enough to know that, I may or I may not succeed professionally but at least I am reminded that “everything is perfect!”
— Harrison R., February 12, 2016
I hired Skylar in January 2015 with a vague vision as to what I really wanted her to capture. Skylar immediately heard my voice and understood my vision. She calmly suggested we give ourselves ample time alone in the beginning so we could work together in the space. As we sipped our cocktails, Skylar simply told us to casually chat and interact together as we normally would. She artfully captured very touching and affectionate moments within the first minutes. It turned out that the room was gorgeously decorated with tons of candles and glass vases that beautifully reflected the warm ambiance. Skylar’s photos captured the lighting in the most perfect way. She was able to craftily suggest “non-posey” poses (an adamant request of mine to not end up with “prom pictures”!) and we were awarded with a range of standing, sitting, embracing photos that very much felt like “us.”

As our families arrived, Skylar effortlessly transitioned to capturing all of the excitement. She was able to catch all of the different groups chatting and physical details of each conversation as if there were seven of her in the room. There’s a photo of my father holding my hand and admiring my ring in such an affectionate way that still makes me tear up when I see it – and we had zero idea we were being photographed! After much hubbub, my father announced that he wanted to do a toast. Skylar intuitively moved to a staircase to capture the entire room in all of its’ emotional essence while somehow also being able to highlight my fiancé’s beaming face. When we sat down to eat, she gracefully packed up her gear and graciously thanked me for asking her to be a part of the evening.

All in all, Skylar’s personality is so serene and sincere, she makes everyone feel at ease. She has a way about being so discreet, resulting in candids that truly capture the essence of the moment. She was able to edit the photographs and turn them around quickly, even offering to convert selected ones into black and white. She provided me with an easy link and when I sent it out to our family, their reactions were priceless! Our mothers, his sister, my brother’s girlfriend, all poured over the images and had so many compliments about all of the little details of each one. Since sharing a select few photos on social media, I’ve gotten rave reviews - being told that we look like models and should be on the cover of Vanity Fair probably was the greatest! I think my stepmother put it best when she said “goodness gracious, these are stunning and man, Skylar is an AMAZING photographer.”
— Julie C., February 5, 2016